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11 most important points to look before geting possession of your flat.

11 most important points to look before geting possession of your flat.

1) Dimensions:

First of all before taking possession of your flat, ensure that the dimensions of all the rooms and utility spaces are as per the approved plan promised at the time of booking and also mentioned in the agreement. Sometimes it is found that some of the dimensions differ by 2-4 inches with the approved plan.

2) Doors and windows:

Doors and windows are the most important part of the structure as they provide security to your flat. So at the time of possession ensure that all the doors and windows have been provided of the specification mentioned in the agreement. Also check there location as per the layout. The doors should open and close smoothly without any noise. The knob and lock of the doors should work properly. Similarly, check whether windows are installed correctly and they can be opened and closed without any extra effort. Now a day’s windows are provided with mosquito net. So it should also be ensured that the mosquito net is perfectly fitted in the window.

3) Wall Paints:

Wall Paints should also be checked before taking possession of flat. All the rooms and utility spaces must have double coat of synthetic enamel paint without any visible patches. While rubbing your hand over the paint, it should feel smooth. Also the paint over window and balcony grills should be checked for its workmanship. Similarly the exterior painting should be done with double coat of weather proof paint. However sometimes it may not be possible that exterior painting has been done at the time of your possession. But after completion of the complete building, it should be checked without fail.

4) Fittings:

Before possession of your flat, it is very important to check quality and quantity of all the fittings. These include kitchen, bathroom and sanitary fittings. The fittings should be provided of the same or equivalent brand and specification as mentioned in the agreement. It should be ensured that all the fittings are working in proper condition. There are no leakages while opening or closing taps. Check that sink in the kitchen is properly installed or not and that the water is not leaking down below it. If any leakage is seen in the bathroom or kitchen that should be addressed immediately otherwise it may be painful to rectify in future. Ask for the warranty papers of the fittings, as most of the popular brands provide warranty for their products for 1 year to 7 years.

5) Switches and plug-points:

Similarly, ensure that all the sockets, plugs and bulb holders are connected to the main supply and working properly. Also check if the main fuse of the house is controlling the whole current supply. In case of provision of an inverter, ensure that if the main switch is switched off, the supply shifts to the inverter without any issue. Verify all switches and plug-points are of the reputed brand, specification and as per requirement. Also check if the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) is of good quality.

6) Look for cracks:

Cracks in the wall are one of the most common issues which are visible at the time of possession. So before taking possession, you should carefully look for the cracks and discuss it with builder and its engineer about its reasons. Generally cracks develop in the plaster due to bad workmanship and improper curing or in the walls along the electrical sockets. In such case, you should ask the builder for suitable rectification. Similarly you should also look for cracks in ceiling, floors and in foundation, though it is hardly possible that cracks will be found on them as in multi-storeyed framed structures adequate measures are taken during construction.

7) Drainage outlets:

Like cracks, clogged outlets are also one of the most common issues of a new flat. Hence you should check all drainage outlets in bathrooms, kitchen, balconies, utility spaces etc. before taking possession of flat.

8) Amenities:

Builders promise a plenty of amenities such as park, temple, swimming pool, club house, gym etc. at the time of booking. But most of the times, it is found that, at the time of possession either these amenities are under construction or builder is unwilling to provide all of them. So before taking possession, ensure that these amenities are made available as per the agreement.

9) Lifts and common areas:

Check whether the lifts have been provided of reputed company or not. Generally lifts of OTIS or KONE are preferred. Also check whether the lift is properly working or not. Similarly, check the common area like lobby, staircase etc. have been well-built and well-lit or not.

10) Power backup:

It is imperative to provide power backup for multi-storeyed buildings for smooth and uninterrupted functioning of lifts, water supply and other essential services. It should be checked that the DG set installed, is of reputed company and adequate load. Before possession its proper functioning should also be ensured.

11) Obtain all sets of keys:

Finally take all sets of keys in your custody at the time of possession without any fail. This is very important in view of security of your flat. If any key is left with the construction or maintenance agency of the builder that should also be obtained at the time of possession.



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